Snipping Tool Windows 8

How to Capture a Screenshot on Windows 8?

Snipping Tool Windows 8When it comes to grabbing a screenshot off your computer, there are several apps that allow you to do this easily. One of them is known as the snipping tool. Using Windows 8, you can obtain four different types of snips, an entire page snip, a window snip, a free-form snip, a standard rectangular snip.

Each of these snips allow you to gather a certain amount of information off the screen whether it be the entire page or just a small area. Here you can see step-by-step instruction performing a snip with the snipping tool Windows 8 application.

1. From the main screen, take your cursor and find the search tool which has a magnifying glass icon on it. Click on it.

2. From there, type in the words snipping tool. You should see the snipping tool application pop up.

3. You have two options. You can left click on the icon and the application will immediately open on your desktop or you can right click on it. If you right click on the application, it will open a menu bar located towards the bottom of the screen. This allows you to pin the application to your task bar or pin it to the tile menu by pressing pin to start.

4. You have several options now that the application is open. To make a new snip, you will click on the word new. At this point, your cursor converts into a set of cross hairs.

5. Use the cross hairs to identify the area you want to capture. This could be the whole screen or just a portion of it.

6. The image or portion of the page you captured can now be saved into a PNG, JPEG, or GIF file. You will then have to select which folder you want to save it into.

In order to snip a menu, you will follow different steps.

1. Open the snipping tool just as described above from the main screen on your desktop.

2. From there, press Escape and open the menu you are looking to obtain.

3. By pressing Ctrl and PrtScn simultaneously, you can capture the menu.

4. You will see an arrow beside the word New. You can select which type of snip you want to create. Using the cross hairs, you can then select the menu area.

One of the greatest things about taking a snip is the ability to share it with others when needed. This is done by pressing the arrow on the Send Snip button. Then you can select from several options you see on the list.

Gathering a snip can be useful when you want to send friends, family members, or coworkers information off your screen without sending them the entire page. It can also help if they want it in a particular format or you can send a collage of snippets.

Using, you can send a variety of snips for free. The application is easy to use and downloads right to your desktop for easy access.