Snipping Tool For Windows XP

Snipping Tool For Windows XPHave you been looking for the perfect windows XP snipping tool? They say pictures are worth a thousand words and clearly, they do. Making screen captures is becoming common nowadays not just because they are attractive but because they give clearer illustrations of an object.

If you are running the indomitable, old golden windows XP, then you may have realized that snipping has been a nightmare especially with the useless tools that have stormed the internet. In this write-up we will go through a step by step guide outlining the features of one of the best snipping tool for windows XP which is variously known as “snap my screen”. This tool which can be downloaded from the and having stood the test of time, it is one that you will find real value of snipping with.

Before delving deep on the features and overview on how to use it, here is a 3 step guide on how to download and install it.

1. Head over to the official website at and click on the yellow download button that is displayed on the right hand side.

2. After that, a screen will pop up asking you to add it to your browser. After clicking on the add button, it should automatically be installed on your browser.

3. Restart your browser and start using your new snipping tool. It is that simple.

Using the snipping tool in your Windows XP

Taking screen captures on your browser

We have all experienced the moment when we need to make screen captures of the pages that we are browsing online. Many of the tools in the market do not offer intuitive experience to do this. A good snipping tool should give you options to quickly install and access it whenever you need to use it. With the use of Snap My Screen, you are able to take screen captures flawlessly and clearly. Above that, one can also choose to either capture a portion of a screen or the whole page.

Editing and Cropping screen captures

About 70% of the current snipping tools in the market lack credible editing and cropping options which puts Snap My Screen miles ahead of the competitors. After capturing the screen, you will be given instant access to edit or crop the screen that you got. You can customize your captured screens to achieve he best look and feel that you desire.

Access to more screen options

Perhaps the best part about this tool is that it has plenty of options that you can do to your captured screen. One also has a variety of options to fully illustrate the captured image with colorful and brilliant tweaks that gives more life to the image. Some of the other extra tools that you will find with this snipping tool includes image coloring tool, circular cropping, hue tool, cut tool, resizing options among others that make your captures more catchy. Simply put, it brings together advanced photo editing to your screen capture.

With all the limitless possibilities that one gets with this tool which has apparently inspired positive reactions from lots of users, it is clear enough that it is the best snipping tool that you can get for your Windows XP.