Free Screen Capture Software

How to Get the Best Out Of Snap My Screen Software

Free Screen Capture SoftwareTaking screen captures is rapidly becoming a norm to almost every computer enthusiast. However finding the perfect tool to square things up and take outstanding screen captures is not that easy. In spite the fact that there is a whole junk of them flying across the web, most of them either produce low quality captures or have malicious scripts that degrades the user’s experience. In our long search to find the best snipping tool, we finally landed on “Snap My Screen”.

Below we take you through a step by step guide on how to use this revolutionary centerpiece, which according to the current tech tends is among the best screen capture tools. The tool which can be downloaded free from the vendor’s website offers an intuitive and easy way to capture screens on your browser without any hard trolls.

How to use the software

1.) Download and Installation

First things first; To get started, you need to head over to and download the free software. Installing it should also not be a brainy task and all you need to do is to follow the screen procedures that follows after clicking the download button. To finalize the installation and confirm all of its extensions are working, you should restart your browser.

2) Taking screen captures

This tool has been well designed to offer push button convenience when taking screen captures. The tool also boasts high quality captures which are clear in every point. To make screenshots, one just needs to open the page where they need to capture an click on the capture icon that appears on top of the browser menu. One also has two options to capture the screenshots; either capture a small portion or the whole window. The capturing process is jargon free and doesn’t require any experience at all.

3) Making Edits

Soon after you have captured the screenshot, a screen will open where you are provided with dozens of features that you can use to edit and make necessary adjustments to your captured image. Some of the additional twists such as adding texts, hue and blending with color are among the editing features appearing above your editing screen. After making all the necessary edits and customization, you will be prompted to save the captured image which should be much easier.

4) Customizing and stressing illustrations

A good snipping tool should also offer one advanced options to make the screenshots appear more appealing. “Snap My Screen” offers more than just capturing and one helps to make cookie cutting presentations that makes the captures stand out. These advanced options are also accessible through the menu bar and one can easily use them to get the taste they like. Everyone who understands the dire need to come up with clear screenshots will surely find this tool as the perfect solution that they have always wanted.

Final word

Above is just a partial list of possibilities that makes this tool the best and free screen capture software you can get. Honestly, finding a snipping tool with such an arsenal of features is hard but this one has defiled the rest to emerge as a champ in its own class. If you are looking for a way to make clear and presentable illustrations through browser screenshots, then “Snap My Screen” is a must have tool.